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About Us: How to reserve a book

How to Place a Hold or Reservation on Library Items Via the Catalogue


What do you do if an item you want to borrow is on loan or is on the shelf of a library you can't get to? You can place a hold or reservation. 

If an item is on loan this means that we wait until the item is returned and then we keep it safe and let you know that you can collect it, if you still want it. 

If an item is on the shelf of another library, this library will be asked to post the item to the library you nominate as your pickup location.

Follow the steps below to make a reservation or hold

1. Select the blue Place Hold button on your search results or on the items details screen:


Place Hold Button












2. Login to the catalogue. 

Your User Barcode is the number underneath the barcode on your student ID card. 

Your PIN is your mobile or home phone number. Contact your library if you can't login. 

Select a library in the drop down list beside Pickup at. This is where you will eventually collect your loan from.

You don't have to change the expiry date.

When you are finished, select the blue Place Hold button.


Hold Login















If your hold has been successful you should see a screen like this below: 

















Manage Your Holds/Reservations

You can make changes to the holds you have already placed. Follow these steps:

1. Login to the catalogue here

The screen will look something like this below:


Manage your holds



















2. Select the Holds tab. 

Your options are:

  • cancel a hold
  • change the pickup library 
  • suspend the hold until a later date eg if you're going on holidays

Please contact the library if you need help to renew your loans.

You can find contact details for your campus on their page here.