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Agriculture: Presenting

Presentation skills

Making a presentation puts you on public display. An audience not only listens to your ideas, it also responds to the way you use your voice and body. This means that you need more than a well written presentation to make an impact. You also need to deliver it in a flexible and lively way.

The CommonCraft video above runs through the basic and is worth watching. 

To begin your presentation planning, imagine that you are in the audience for your presentation. What might:

  • Grab your attention?
  • Stimulate your imagination?
  • Inspire your confidence?
  • Develop your understanding?

An effective presentation makes the best use of the relationship between the presenter and the audience. It takes full consideration of the audience’s needs in order to capture their interest, develop their understanding, inspire their confidence and achieve your objectives. To do this careful planning is essential. 

We will break up a presentation into three stages: before the presentation, during the presentation and after the presentation.

[The text above is based on that provided by the University of Leicester]