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Teachers: Journal Articles

A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.

How to Find Journal Articles


[photo by Dean Wheatley]

TasTAFE libraries have a great range of print and online magazines and journals. They will be useful to many students who like to read magazines to relax and keep up with what's happening in their industry. 

Students at higher levels will often need to find journal articles as part of their assignments. The article needs to be scholarly or peer reviewed, which basically means that it has been subject to a critical review by other experts in the field. The two videos below explain what this means.

What are Scholarly Journals?

The video below gives a good explanation of scholarly articles. 


TasTAFE Journal Database - General OneFIle

General OneFile is a quick and easy way for TasTAFE students to find full-text articles. After logging in with your TasTAFE username and password you will see a screen that looks like this:

You can simply enter your search in the 'Keyword' box, let's do a search for "gender equality" Australia and then narrow the search by clicking these options in the left column: only peer-reviewed, academic journals and articles. The list of results looks like this:


The search results contain 26 full-text, peer-reviewed articles that focus on Australia. These articles can be translated into other languages or you can listen to the English version. You can download the article as a MP3 file or as a PDF. Another great feature is that your search terms will be coloured red on the screen so you can scan the article to see if it is worth reading in detail. The only problem is that the citation tool doesn't include Harvard Referencing style, but General OneFile is still a fast way to search for articles.

Library staff can show you how to use General OneFile so please make an appointment to learn more. 

Head over to the Articles page to have a look at Academic OneFile and our many specialist subject databases.

Databases From Other Libraries

Linc Tasmania

LINC has a number of databases that contain scholarly journal articles. All you need is a LINC membership and then you can log into these databases: 

  • The Australia/NZ Reference Centre - includes full-text journal articles
  • AUSCHRON - a chronology of Australian historic and current events
  • Informit - Business, Health, Indigenous, Literature & Culture, Families & Society, Humanities & Social Sciences full-text journal articles



TROVE can be searched for journal articles that have Australian content and are available online. You can also search the eresources of the National Library of Australia. Some articles will be free to access and others require you to have a library card from the National Library of Australia. You can apply for membership online as long as you live in Australia and have a residential address. After you receive your membership card in the post you will be able to read restricted access material.

Watch the video below to see what is on offer: 

How to Find Free Online Journal Articles

Google Scholar is frequently used to find online journals. It will bring you back different results from an ordinary Google search. It is a good resource because you can search across many disciplines and sources from one place. You will find articles and books from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other websites. Many will be full text.

Try it out for yourself by using the search box below:


The video below shows some tips and tricks about using Google Scholar:

Google Scholar isn't the only place to find journal articles online, plus it may often lead to requests from publishers to pay for access. There is no need because you will be able to find plenty of full text journal articles. Below are a few sites you can browse: