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Teachers: Mobile Devices

A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.


"Tablet" is short for tablet computer. Tablets are portable computers with a touch screen, and are able to connect to the internet. Possible accessories include cameras, microphones, speakers and a stylus (a special pen made for touch screens). 

The majority of tablets have buttons on the sides, front and/or back for basic features such as sound, volume, power on/off and ports for USBs or connecting to a charger. 
Tablets usually feature an on-screen keyboard for typing, although some may have a separate keyboard. 

Tablets use battery power to operate. When they are fully charged they will last a length of time away from a power source - the amount of time varies between tablets.

iPads are tablets developed by Apple. There are many differences between iPads and tablets produced by other companies. Read more below.

What's the difference between a Tablet and an iPad?

Tablets and iPads vary between models, making it hard to be accurate with the differences. Some of the more important differences between tablets and iPads are:

  • The iPad is a single product produced by Apple, whereas "tablet" is the common name for a variety of devices from different companies.

  • The iPad runs on Apple's own operating system (iOS) as opposed to the majority of other tablets which run on Google's Android operating system.

  • The iPad currently has more available apps (applications) than other tablets, however the amount of Android apps is growing everyday.

  • The iPad doesn't have the ability to multi-task as well as other tablets do.

What an iPad looks like:

Photo from Flickr under creative commons license 2.0

iPad tutorial - getting started (part 1)

Apps explained (Commoncraft)

What a tablet looks like:

Photo from 
Flickr under creative commons license 2.0

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The rise of tablets (Infographic)