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Teachers: Searching For Newspapers

A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.


Image of newspapers

Image by Dean Wheatly

Print Newspapers and TasTAFE Libraries

All TasTAFE libraries purchase daily newspapers and keep back issues. For example you may find Tasmanian newspapers like

  • The Mercury
  • The Examiner
  • The Advocate

plus other newspapers like

Check with your local TasTAFE library because it may be easy to grab a stash of papers, sit in comfort and do your newspaper searching in the libraries.

You can always photocopy or scan articles that you need. Don't forget to take note of an article's date and page number for your references.

Library Press Display from LINC

If you have a LINC library card you can use Press Reader to read current digital copies of today's newspapers as they appear in print. You will need a big cup of tea and a very large biscuit because you can read 3000 newspapers from 100 countries in 60 languages, for example you can read these Australian papers for free:  The Mercury, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, The Herald Sun and The Age. You can also read past issues too, for example you can read the past two weeks of The Mercury. 

LINC membership is free so go and join if you aren't a member.

News + Newspapers at LINC

The News Online and Historic Newspapers pages on LINC's website are really great places to look for:

  • The websites of individual Tasmanian and Australian newspapers
  • Online newspaper databases and archives
  • Lists of newspapers
  • Historical Tasmanian newspaper indexes
  • News broadcasters

LINC provide a great service around newspapers, don't forget they also have newspapers you can read and they hold many, many back issues.

Newsbank from LINC

If you have a LINC library card you can use NewsBank, which contains digital full-text content from more than 100 Australian local, regional and national newspapers. NewsBank is a great way to search past issues of many Australian newspapers, for example you can search:

  • The Mercury from 1998
  • The Examiner from 1998
  • The Advocate from 2006

The Newsbank home page also tries to make it easy for students by covering current news topics and issues, for example women's history, Iraq, issues in the news and terrorism. 

Historical Newspaper Searching at TROVE

TROVE is the brain child of the National Library of Australia. They have an enormous amount of old full-text newspapers that you can read online, which makes it a fabulous place to search for historical articles.Their list of Tasmanian newspapers is here, for example you can search The Mercury between 1860-1954.

You can use TROVE for free and you don't need a library membership. 

Beware, you may become addicted to searching through TROVE's newspapers. If you do, you can become a volunteer and join in the crowd of people who correct the electronically translated text.