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Technology help: Backing up your Information


Backing up your information is a good idea if you have things that you don't want to lose, especially if you only have one copy or it's only saved in one place. You can lose files easily by accidentally deleting them, replacing them or because of a computer virus. To protect your files you can save them to a USB or hard drive or store them in the cloud.

When to backup your information

Not sure how often you should back up your information? Ask yourself, "How many hours or days of work can I afford to lose?" Whenever you make changes you need to back up your files again, it's good practice to back up your files daily, if you're working on an important assignment or project it may be a good idea to back up even more, for example every hour while you are working on it. 

How to backup your information

Backing up your information is easy to do, all you'll need are the files you want to backup and another place to store the files such as a USB, hard drive, re-writeable CD, DVD or an account with Dropbox, Google Drive or another cloud storage website. 

To backup the files on a USB, hard drive or other media device you can can use a number of methods some of the most popular ways are to use the 'send to' button, drag and drop the files, copy and paste the files or use the save as button and select the place you want to save it when you are working on the file. 

To backup the files to a re-writeable CD or DVD your computer or laptop needs to be able to burn CDs and DVDs, if your computer can burn to
discs you can choose the files you want and select 'burn to disc'.

Backing up your information using the cloud

The 'Cloud' is a nickname for things that aren't stored on your device that you can access via the internet, chances are you already use the Cloud, if you have an email account then you are using the cloud.
The Cloud can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a device and an internet connection.

Backing up to the 'Cloud' may sound difficult but the process is easy to do. 
To backup to the Cloud all you'll need are the files you want to create a backup of and an account with a cloud storage website, some of the most popular ones are Google Drive and Dropbox, both of which are free.

To backup the files you'll need to login to your account and follow the prompts for adding or uploading files. 
In Google Drive and Dropbox you can drag and drop the files to add them instead of using the upload button.

You can store all types of information in the cloud, from files and documents to images and videos.
Just like all other online services it is important to remember to protect yourself online when use the Cloud. 

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