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Introduction to the DigiLabs

Welcome to the DigiLabs! Come and have a play with the technology and embark on a digital learning journey! 
The DigiLabs are actively managed by the TasTAFE Libraries and were made possible through a grant from the Department of Education – Training and Work Pathways Program.

The Digilabs give you the chance to experience technology such as virtual reality, 3D printing and robots!

Contact your local DigiLab to make a booking, the DigiLabs are located on the Alanvale, Burnie and Campbell Street TasTAFE campuses. Hours of operation subject to staffing.

Equipment Introduction - VR

Experience virtual-reality environments, ponder the learning and practical uses this great new technology could offer or improve, explore the endless possibilities. 

  • Studying nursing? 
    Try the virtual reality tour that explores the insides of the human body. 
  • Studying art or graphic design?
    Try painting and designing in 3D, seeing and experiencing the 3rd dimension could change the way you think and design. 
  • Having a quick break from teaching or studying?
    Try out a virtual reality meditation course.
  • Just want to have fun?
    Try out Fruit Ninja or Fantastic Contraption to be guaranteed a good time. 

Check out the video below of Bill Flowers painting in 3D in the Burnie DigiLabs.
Bill is a TasTAFE Creative Industries teacher.

Equipment Introduction - Robotics

Meet our resident robots, Edison, BB8, Sprk+ and Ollie. Learn how easy it can be to use and program a robot. Start from the basics using premade programs and work up to designing your own program using various software. Not ready to take the plunge into programming? No problem, the robots in the DigiLabs are ready to 'roll' anytime using the auto drive feature: we recommend trying out some tricks and flips as well and jumping over ramps. But that's not all; you can also race our robots, control them by clapping, whistling or use a torch light and they will follow - there's nothing our robots can't do! 

All of the robots in the DigiLabs are programmable, the software used for each is outlined below.

Bring in your own device or use one of ours to program the robots in the DigiLabs.

Equipment Introduction - 3D printing

Bring your creative dreams to life by using a 3D printer. Learn to design objects in 3D then print prototypes on our MakerBot 3D printer (located in every DigiLab). 

If you don't want to design your own objects or aren't ready to tackle the 3D learning curve but still want great designs, never fear; Thingiverse is the answer! 

Thingiverse is the world's largest 3D printing community for discovering, making and sharing 3D printable objects. Majority of the designs on Thingiverse are licensed under a Creative Commons license allowing anyone to use or alter the design! So if you spot something you like, you can print it in the DigiLabs. 

Please note that using the 3D printer(s) incurs a fee of $3 AUD per hour. 
Our 3D printers are Makerbot Replicator 5th & 6th Generations.
All files must follow the file types on the Makerbot website

What can a 3D printer do?
Watch the video below for a brief explanation of what people are using them for.

Equipment Introduction - Other Technology (TEST)

There's plenty to try in the DigiLabs, other technology available includes:

  • iPad Pro & Apple pencil
  • iMac 21.5"
  • Little Bits electronics kit
  • Insta360 camera
  • Go Pro Hero 4
  • Google cardboard
  • Design and programming software

The equipment available varies between DigiLabs, please check with your local DigiLab if you wish to use a particular piece of technology.

Tech Highlight: Insta360 camera
Ever wanted to use 360 degree camera? Insta360 turns your phone into a 360 camera, it integrates seamlessly with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to enable sharing and live-streaming, you can also save images and videos directly to your phone. Use the Insta360 with your own device or borrow one of ours; come and try it out!

Video 4 - Introducing the Edison

Video 7 - Introducing Ollie by Sphero

Video 1 - Viveport your journey begins