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Vocational Preparation: Literacy & Numeracy

Resources from our collection and across the internet for our students.




Pre-apprenticeship Maths & Literacy Series

This fantastic series helps to prepare students seeking to gain a variety of apprenticeships and traineeships.

The workbooks combine practical, real-world scenarios and terminology specifically relevant to their chosen industry, and provide students with the mathematical and literacy skills they need to confidently pursue a career within that trade.

Click here for the full list of titles.

26Ten & TasTAFE

The Importance of Literacy

Why is language, literacy and numeracy so important?

Click the image above to have a look at the videos on the MSA YouTube channel to see why LLN is so important.

26Ten Success Story - Tom

Be inspired by this personal story.

Routine Numeracy Skills in the Workplace

The More You Read...

The Power of Literacy

Reading and Writing Hotline


Don't keep putting it off - get help with reading and writing!

26Ten Success Story - Maree

Be inspired by this personal story.

Routine Reading Skills in the Workplace

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