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You will need to login with your TasTAFE student/staff username and password. If your login won't work change your password in Internet Explorer (not Chrome of Firefox) or contact your local TasTAFE library.


What is an eBook?  
An eBook is an electronic book. It contains images and text just like a physical book, however it is displayed, used and read on a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Our eBook collection has books on business, nursing, travel and more. Please let us know what topics or books you would like to see added to our eBook library.

Check out our eBooks here

Codes & Standards

The library is proud to offer you access to the National Construction Code and Standards Online.

The National Construction Code (NCC) comprises of the current Building Code of Australia (BCA), Volume One and Two; and the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA), Volume Three.

You can use the NCC for free OR use your TasTAFE student/staff login to gain full access. Logging in will let you view all the standards referred to by the code.

Our Standards Online subscription provides standards that are not available through the NCC. We have made it easy for you to use the standards by listing and providing a link to them.


​ClickView lets you browse hundreds of online videos specifically chosen for you, our staff and students. You can search by your subject area or use the search bar to find something that interests you. Watch the videos on a PC with an internet connection, or download the app and watch the video from your mobile device with an internet connection. 

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices from their respective store. You will need to login to the app. Enter your TasTAFE email address and password to view the videos in TasTAFE's subscription.

This video library also includes VEA videos. Click here to see the list of VEA videos that previously formed a separate subscription. 

Check out the full Clickview video library here


Take a look at this list of popular Clickview videos.


Safety Care - Safety Hub
This is an online collection of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) videos, ranging from basic safety and manual handling to power tools. They are the perfect tool for training sessions, inductions, meetings, professional development or a general look at WHS.

Check out our Safety Care - Safety Hub video library here

Journal Articles

We have two large collections of journal articles. These collections are great online resources because they make finding what you need easy. You can print or download articles, listen to articles, highlight text and take notes, create lists, translate text and much more. Our online collections consist of General Onefile and Academic Onefile. 

General Onefile
This online collection contains journal articles, full-text journals, newspaper and magazine articles, eBooks and videos. After logging in with your TasTAFE username and password, you can search over 100 million items in this amazing collection. If you can't find what you are looking for, Topic Finder (located on the home page) will suggest similar search terms or keywords. 

Have a look at General Onefile here


Academic Onefile
If you need to find scholarly material that is peer reviewed by experts in the field, have a look at Academic Onefile. It covers a great range of topics and is a good source of authoritative material. Academic Onefile covers the 1980s to the present and is updated daily. 

Have a look at Academic Onefile hereJournal Articles - Special Collections


Our special journal article collections are similar to General Onefile and Academic Onefile - they are online collections of resources and information that have been organised to help you find what you need with ease.

Listed below are the subject areas: 


Plantfile is an amazing resource that helps you identify plants and pests. It includes over 3,500 plant species and 9,000 cultivars, and is aimed at horticultural workers, landscapers and home gardeners. 

To get the most out of Plantfile you need to login with your TasTAFE username and password. 

Login to Plantfile Here

Reference Generator

What is referencing and why should I do it?
When you use information from books, articles, radio, emails and/or websites in your assignments, you need to acknowledge them. The best way to do this is by referencing them. More info can be found on our referencing and plagiarism page and in Fronter where you will find a referencing tutorial. 

There are many different styles of referencing, however this reference generator will help you to easily create Harvard (Author/Date) references.

Check out Reference Generator here