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Horticulture: Weeds, Pests & Disease

Three Book Gallery - **This page**

The wondrous world of weeds : understanding nature's little workers

Australian garden rescue : restoring a damaged garden

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Organic gardening in Australia

Scraps, wilt & weeds : turning wasted food into plenty

Plant protection

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Weeds of the south-east : an identification guide for Australia

Controlling invertebrate pests in agriculture

The weed book : identifying and removing weeds and introduced species from your garden

Wetland weeds : causes, cures and compromises

Urban pest management in Australia

Biological control of weeds in Australia

Garden weeds : a gardener's guide to identifying and controlling weeds

Pest-repellent plants : organic solutions to garden and household pests

Weeds : in defense of nature's most unloved plants

Diseases and pests

Pests of field crops and pastures : identification and control

Pest and disease management for organic farmers, growers and smallholders : a complete guide

The truth about garden remedies : what works, what doesn't, and why

Diseases of fruit crops in Australia

Vegetable diseases : a colour handbook

Integrated pest management for crops and pastures

Diseases of vegetable crops in Australia

What's wrong with my plant? (and how do I fix it?) : a visual guide to easy diagnosis and organic remedies

Youtube-Control whitefly

Youtube-pests and diseases

Youtube CSIRO What is biosecurity