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SBS Cultural Atlas (feature)

The SBS Cultural Atlas

Want to know more about other cultures and societies?
The Cultural Atlas by SBS is a great place to start. 

The world map makes it easy to navigate but if the map isn't your style try the list of countries organised alphabetically with images of their flags. Are you looking for a specific term related to cultural values, behaviours or concepts? Try out the glossary - extremely comprehensive and easy to search.

We highly recommend this fantastic online resource by the SBS.
Check it out at

Vimeo - Kanyini Documentary

Youtube - Cultural Competence Program - Benefits of diversity and inclusion

Youtube - Diversity in Australia Today

Three Book Gallery - Com Ser Diversity

Growing up queer in Australia
Cultural diversity : a primer for the human services.
Growing up Aboriginal in Australia
Intercultural communication : connecting with cultural diversity
Diversity consciousness : opening our minds to people, cultures, and opportunities
Mia Mia Aboriginal community development
The Psychology of Diversity
A little gay history : desire and diversity across the world
A family by any other name : exploring queer relationships-

Project implicit

Project Implicit

Are you interested in testing exploring the beliefs, attitudes and assumptions that you may be unwilling to admit to others?

If so, take The Implicit Association Test. In many cases it will reveal an attitude that you didn't realise you had eg you may state that you believe that women and men should be equally associated with science, but you might automatically associate men with science more often than you do women. The test can reveal thoughts and feelings that are outside your conscious awareness and control, and reveal hidden biases and prejudices. Fascinating stuff!

Youtube - How to Overcome our biases

The Orb


The Orb


"Creating a new future where our history is known, our culture is respected and our children are proud to be Aboriginal is important to us.

Walk in our shoes, see through our eyes and journey alongside us... the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.  From Gumnuts to buttons

The Orb is a collection of online resources to assist the teaching of Tasmanian Aboriginal histories and cultures.  It is a dynamic project and will be regularly updated with new resources."

Youtube - Cultural Competence program

Creating Accessible Documents

Creating Accessible Documents

These videos from the Department of Justice help you create more accessible documents.

Youtube - Cultural Competence Program - The concept of 'face'

Youtube - If it's not gay it's not gay