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Diversity: LGBTIQ+

                  Rainbow Action Group Logo

Are you a member of the LGBTIQ+ community or an ally?

The goal of the Rainbow Action Group is to make TasTAFE a safer
and more inclusive place for all LGBTIQ+ students and staff. 
If you’re interested in joining us or want to know more about the 
Rainbow Action Group (RAG), get in touch and send RAG an email






The Rainbow Action Group wants your feedback!

All are encouraged to participate in the Rainbow Action Group Survey.
The survey is anonymous, and the findings will assist the Rainbow Action
Group in what actions we should be making to achieve our goal.



Featured eBooks

Book Cover : All the things she said : everything I know about the modern lesbian and bi culture

Book cover: Book-A practical guide to gender diversity and sexuality in early years

Book cover: Ace Voices

Book-ALoud & proud : LGBTQ+ speeches that empower and inspire

Book-The times I knew I was gay

Book cover: The little book of LGBTQ+ : an A-Z of gender and sexual identities

Growing up queer in Australia

A quick & easy guide to queer & trans identities

Transgender history : the roots of today's revolution

Book cover: The gay agenda : a modern queer history & handbook

The ABC's of LGBT+

Book-From prejudice to pride : a history of the LGBTQ+ movement

Book-The book of pride : LGBTQ heroes who changed the world

Book-Queer : a graphic history

Book cover: Book-Trans like me : a journey for all of us

Book-A quick & easy guide to they/them pronouns

Book cover: Book-Trans : exploring gender identity and gender dysphoria : a guide for everyone (including professionals)

LGBTQ : the survival guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens

The lives of LGBT older adults : understanding challenges and resilienc

Book-Colouring the rainbow : blak queer and trans perspectives