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For more information about Foundation Skills Services contact us via email or phone Kirrily on 0428 002 230.

Please note: The Foundations Skills Services workshops are located in TasTAFE Library spaces but are managed by the Foundations Skills Services Team. Enquiries relating to these workshops should be directed to the Foundation Skills Services team, click here to email the team.

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Core Learning- Core Learning provides 1:1 tuition, personalised to your foundation skill development need and vocational training. 

Supplementary Learning-Supplementary Learning provides short-term, small-group foundation skills learning with your classmates, to really practice the specific skills you need to be successful in your training. 

Workshops- These workshops are aimed at helping you develop the general skills that are critical to being successful at TasTAFE. Simply register through the workshop calendars below and turn up. 

  • These workshops are for TasTAFE students only
  • All TasTAFE students are welcome to do any workshop, as many times as they like
  • You must register for the workshops you want to attend

Basic Key Skills Builder  Basic Key Skills Builder

Bksb is an online tool for TasTAFE students to help improve skills in literacy and numeracy. This includes access to a diagnostic assessment and a range of learning resources. Improving your skills will help you increase your opportunities to succeed in courses, future application to courses, and in the workplace.

For first time users of bksb click here for the user guides: bksb User Guide (PDF) or bksb User Guide (Word)

You can contact us for more information about bksb.

To find out more about these learning resources, and getting the most out of bksb while at TasTAFE, download the document Student Guide-Making the Most out of bksb below: