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Welcome to the library Reuse

Welcome to the library

The aim of this guide is to highlight the library resources you can access from the campus libraries and online.  We also collect websites, video and tools that are relevant to your study. 
We hope you find these pages a useful starting point for your study.

Although we provide featured library resources you can find many more by using the catalogue search box at the top of the page.

All of the ebooks, streaming video, databases and tools are available 24/7 and are accessed using your TasTAFE login.

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Plantfile the ultimate guide to plants
This tool allows you to search over 3,500 plant records, you can search by Family Name, Botanical Name, Common Name, Cultivars/SYN, Plant Overview.  Search results provide an image of the plant, plant overview and a plant profile report that you can save. 
Plantfile also provides information on pests, disease and weeds.  There is also a botanical dictionary.


Gale interactive science


This tool goes beyond just flat text on the page it is a highly visual tool that allows you to interact with 3D models so that you can understand the structure and features of the system you are examining whether it is a plant cell or the human heart. The tool also provides text to support your learning.  The wide subject areas covered are biology, chemistry, earth science and human anatomy.

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Good life growing cover image

The fundamentals of horticulture : theory and practice

The Australian native garden : a practical guide

Pests, diseases and beneficials : friends and foes of Australian gardens

DIY hydroponic gardens

Garden voices

Australian garden rescue

Practical permaculture : for home landscapes, your community, and the whole earth

Weeds : in defense of nature's most unloved plants

The wondrous world of weeds : understanding nature's little workers


Tasmanian Plants
Industry Groups *NEW*
Weeds, Pests and Disease

Refer to the Weeds, Pests and Disease tab at the top of the page for more detailed information

Plant Identification

Beautiful No Dig Permaculture Garden

Lockdown seedling production in the plant plant




The Top 5 Trends in Australian Horticulture

Production Nursery Work Flow Efficiency


The News

Hort Socials

Manual handling in the Nursery & Garden Industry

Just the Job - A Career in Nurseryman Production (Horticulture)




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