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Metals: CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

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ISO Standards

Featured ISO Standards

Want to know what ISO standards are available that apply to CNC machining? Click here.

According to Xometry, those standards listed below are the most relevant of all  ISO CNC-related available content.

"ISO 230 – This is a 10-part series of standards that determine the geometric accuracy of machines operating under quasi-static or no-load conditions, the accuracy and repeatability of numerically controlled axes, the thermal effects on machine tools, noise emissions, and vibration levels during machining processes.

ISO 229:1973 – This standard specifies the speeds and feeds of CNC machines.

ISO 369:2009 – Certain symbols and depictions can be found on the body of CNC machines. These symbols and their corresponding meanings are specified in this standard."--Xometry website.

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Machining and CNC technology

Machining fundamentals

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Try Something Different - Listen to a Podcast

Looking for podcasts about CNC (Computer Numerical Control), try these:-

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Gale Databases

Looking for the latest information from Trade magazines, try the Library's Gale General OneFile database.

Here you can find the most recent content about CNC. Not too sure about how to access and search? Ask Library staff; we can get you started.

Some valuable titles to explore are: -

  • Modern Machine Shop - January 1, 1989 - Current (Full-Text)
  • Production Engineering  - January 1, 2006 - Current (Full-Text)

Want to try searching yourself - try these keyword terms in a Simple Search to get you started:-

  • Computer numerical control CNC
  • Computer numerical control CNC machine
  • CNC
  • CNC machine tools
  • CNC machinery