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How to enable accessibility mode?

You can Enable Accessibility Mode by clicking on the icon "Enable Accessibiliity Mode" in the login bar at the top of the page. 


How does the Select an Action dropdown box work?

This dropdown can be found on search results, item detail display and My Lists.

To use the Select an Action list you must first select the item/s you would like to work with.

Once you have selected the item/s you can then:

  • Place Hold/s
  • Add to My Lists
  • Email
  • Print


My Lists offer further options if you are not logged in:

  • Delete Selected


Once logged in further options are added:

  • Save Temporary List
  • Move
  • Copy


How do I access ebooks & streaming videos?

You can search for and access individual titles from our eBook and Streaming Video collections directly through the catalogue.

These items will appear when you search Everything and you are able to limit your search to just eBooks or Streaming Videos from the search box or by choosing the Format facet once you have searched.

When you find the item you want to view in your search results just click Go To. This will open the login page. You will need your TasTAFE login firstname.lastname.00 and the password to access.

When accessing Clickview videos you will need to add education\ before your username.




My Account


What is My Account?

My Account is where you can:

  • see what you currently have on loan, and when they are due
  • renew your loans
  • manage your holds (your requests to borrow library items)

You will find your account at the top of the page. 

Once you log in you can open My Account. 

Logged In

On your first login, the opening screen will show your details. If these details are incorrect please update them with Client Services. You should see the update here within 24 hours.

First Login My Account

By clicking on Preferences you can set/edit which tab displays first, which list items are saved to, and where you pick up holds.

How do I login?

  • If you are using a TasTAFE device, you'll find that you are already logging into your Library account, through single sign-on.
  • If you are using your own device, login with your TasTAFE email and password.

You can access your account through the link labelled ‘My Account’ at the top of the library catalogue.
‘My Account’ can also be accessed by clicking the ‘Login to My Library Account’ button on the Catalogue Help page.

How do I see the items I currently have checked out?

The Loans tab will show you how many items you have on loan. If any of those items are overdue you can renew them here. You can renew an item twice before they need to return to the library. You may be able to re-borrow them if no one else has the item on hold.

The loans tab My Account

How do I renew an item?

Select the item and press renew. A pop up will ask you to confirm your renewal. Once confirmed Times Renewed will increase and the Date Due will change.



My Lists


What are My Lists?

When you find something in your search that you would like to keep and organise you can save it to My Lists. You can create and organise your lists. You can print, email or place holds on items in your lists.

How do I view My Lists?

Once logged in you can view and edit your lists. Your lists are listed to the left under the Lists heading. You can drag & drop your lists to change the order they appear on the list.

How do I add or delete a list?

To create a list click on the + icon, you will then be asked to name the list, then press Create. To delete a list select it and click on the - icon.

My Lists Add & Delete

How do I add an item to My Lists?

If you are not logged in items will be added to your Temporary List. If you are logged in you will be able to choose the list on which the item should be added.

You can add items from the Search Results or the Item Details screen.

Select Add to My Lists option on the Action drop down.

How do I move items from my Temporary List?

If you are logged into the system you can move items from your Temporary List to your other lists. You can also create a new list from your Temporary List by choosing save Save Temporary List from the Select An Action drop-down

How do I save a Temporary List?

You need to be logged in to save your Temporary List.

Select Save Temporary List from the Select An Action drop-down list. Name the new list and save.

If you log out without saving the list, the Temporary List will be cleared.







How do I search?

You can search our catalogue from the search box in the top right hand corner of our website.

Search Box with Oprions

You can search all our resources by searching Everything.
Or limit your search to particular things:

  • Library Search - the physical library collection
  • eBooksour ebook collection- access from the Go To - TasTAFE login required
  • Streaming Videos - thousands of videos you can watch from anywhere - access from the Go To - TasTAFE login required


How do I search for a particular book?

Once in the catalogue you can limit your search to a particular book by choosing Author from All Fields.

Search Box with Fields

How do I limit my search?

Once you have done a search you can limit the results by a number of facets from within Limit Search Results or you can choose to do your search within the facets. Facets are selected by checking the box and pressing select.

How do I limit my search to my Study Area?

We have brought together our resources into Study Areas that reflect the courses TasTAFE offers. You can either choose Your Study Area then search within it or do a wide search and use Your Study Area to identify more relevant items.

For example here are the search results for Drawing:

But we just want the resources that deal with Drawing for Building. So we have clicked View All under Your Study Area at the left of the search results and selected Building. As you can see this has limited the search to just those resources that are within the Building Study Area.

How do I limit my search to my campus library?

Select you campus library from the Library facet in Limit Search Results.

How do I limit my search to a particular format?

You can either use the options in the search box or select from the Format facet at the bottom of Limit Search Results.

How can I sort my search results?

As long as the search returns less than 1,000 results it can be sorted by:

  • Publication Date (Ascending) - earliest first
  • Publication Date (Descending) - latest first
  • Title
  • Author






What is a hold?

A hold is a reservation on an item. You can place holds on items from any of the seven TasTAFE libraries or on items that are currently out on loan.

You choose where you would like to pick up the hold and we make sure that the item gets there. You can return your hold to any of the TasTAFE libraries.

How do I place a hold?

There are two places you can Place Hold. From the Place Hold button on search results or on the record for the item.

You will be asked to login to My Account before you can place the hold.

You can then set the Pickup Location for the hold.

How do I view my holds?

You can view your holds from the Library Holds tab in My Account.

How do I know if an item is ready to pickup?

We will contact you when your hold is ready to pickup or you can check the Status on the Library Holds tab.

How do I cancel or suspend a hold?

The Library Holds tab offers these options.

Select your item and press the Cancel Hold/s option. You will be asked to confirm.

The suspend option is very useful when you still need the item but will be away for awhile. You are able to set the period to suspend the hold or if you require it before the end of the suspension choose Cancel Hold Suspension.

How do I edit the pickup location of my hold?

You can select your Pickup Location when placing a hold and edit the Pickup Location on existing holds from the Library Holds tab in My Account.


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