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Catalogue Help: About Borrowing

About Borrowing


Borrowing TasTAFE Library Resources


We have more than 200,000 learning resources distributed across our many campus libraries. Most of these are books, but they also include 10,000 videos and 3,000 journal titles.  We have a growing collection of online resources such as video that you can access from anywhere using the library's webpage.

All TasTAFE students and staff are entitled to borrow library material. You can:

  • borrow up to 15 items at a time (limits may vary depending on item type)
  • borrow most books and magazines for 3 weeks. DVDs, videos and special collections have shorter loan periods.
  • return borrowed items to any of our libraries no matter where you borrowed it
  • renew your loans by phone, email, in person or do it yourself on the catalogue
  • place holds on items that are currently on loan
  • request that an item be sent from any of our libraries to the one which is most convenient to you. We also post resources to students who are studying off campus and are not easily able to get to a library.

We use TALIS (Tasmanian Automated Library Information System) as our catalogue system.  With TALIS you can also check your loan record, place holds on resources, email details of resources to yourself and send messages to library staff.



Conditions of Use


You can borrow items from the library using your student card or a library card.  You can apply for a student card at a Client Services counter on any campus.

If a student card is not available within a few days, it is possible to get a temporary library card from the campus library.  These can be used for up to six weeks.

Off-campus students can be issued with a library card if they are unable to obtain a student card.

Please return borrowed material by the due date.  We do send overdue notices and/or SMS reminders, but the failure to receive a notice/SMS does not remove your obligation to return items on time.

You will be invoiced for the replacement cost of items that are long overdue. If the account is not settled within a reasonable period the matter can be referred to a collection service agency.



Customer Service Charter 


TasTAFE Libraries are committed to supporting a great learning experience and providing quality services, relevant resources and dynamic learning environments. All staff and students are valued highly and have the right to be treated equitably and in accordance with this charter.

Our Commitment:

To uphold the vision and values of TasTAFE and continue to be an integral component of its learning culture.
Support endeavors focused on improving literacy and numeracy skills.
Undertake professional development and keep up with library trends and developments so the service is future focused and responsive to change. 

Our Service Standards:

We will be courteous, cooperative, flexible and respectful in our interactions with staff and students in person, by phone or email and online. 
TasTAFE Libraries will provide welcoming and comfortable spaces where staff and students can study, collaborate, relax, socialise, bring their own devices and use computers, photocopiers, scanners and printers.
Requests for assistance will be acknowledged quickly and prioritised highly so speedy resolutions are achieved. 

TasTAFE Libraries will:

  • Have opening hours that provide equitable access to physical spaces and resources.
  • Liaise with teaching staff to ensure collections and services are fully supportive of learning outcomes.
  • Provide and maintain curated collections of books, DVDs and magazines in online and physical formats.
  • Offer library orientations and information literacy training sessions that are focused on enabling students to find, access, evaluate, organise and use the information required for them to succeed in their studies.
  • Maintain a library website that is focused on providing subject specific resources to support training package requirements. 
  • Provide a library catalogue that allows users to identify and access resources, manage their loans, place holds and create lists.
  • Offer basic ICT and study assistance on a one-to-one basis that can be adhoc or by appointment. This service will be supported by a range of printed and online help guides.

TasTAFE Libraries ask that staff and students:

  • Treat others with respect and courtesy, and abide by the TasTAFE student code of conduct.
  • Be responsible for library loans by taking good care of items and returning them on time.
  • Ask library staff for research, study or IT help so they can quickly gain the assistance they need.
  • Inform library staff if something is broken or not working as it should.
  • Not leave valuable items unattended. 
  • Comply with copyright law.
  • Notify libraries when contact details change.
  • Make suggestions for library purchases.
  • Provide the library with feedback. 

We welcome your feedback because we view it as an integral component of the continual improvement of our services. Feedback can be provided by:

Asking to speak with a librarian in person or via the telephone so you can share your thoughts, experiences, suggestions or questions