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TasTAFE staff can use Chemwatch via DoE's licence. Go to the TasTAFE intranet to obtain generic logins for each campus. This will allow you to find and print current Safety Data Sheets for chemicals.  Students are also able to use this access via their teachers.

To access the list of Chemwatch campus logins, staff need go to the TasTAFESAFE WHS page on INFOCUS and click Section 5 Specific-Safety-Programs. Under the Chemicals heading you will find the document “Chemwatch instructions, generic logins and training.” This will provide the information you need to login to Chemwatch here.

Three Book Gallery - **WHS-Visual Arts**

Health hazards manual for artists

Metal patination techniques for jewelers and metalsmiths

The artist's complete health & safety guide

Work health and safety

The HAZCHEM code

A beginner's guide to losing your mind : how to be

Mindfulness at work : how to avoid stress, achieve more and enjoy life!

PPE : an introducton

Food and fitness : a dictionary of diet and exercise

Ergonomics for beginners : a quick reference guide

Pathogens and Infectious Disease

Health & hygiene : seven steps to avoid food poisoning : food safety in our home and workplace

Websites - **This page**


Material Safety Data Sheets
Health and Safety in Visual Arts