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The aim of this guide is to highlight the library resources you can access from the campus libraries and online.  We also collect websites, video and tools that are relevant to your study. 
We hope you find these pages a useful starting point for your study.

Although we provide featured library resources you can find many more by using the catalogue search box at the top of the page.

All of the ebooks, streaming video, databases and tools are available 24/7 and are accessed using your TasTAFE login.

We are here to help! 'Library Chat' is available weekdays and you can use the 'Ask The Library' button to ask questions and we will email you the answers.

Book cover: Peer support in mental health

Book cover: Peer work in Australia : a new future for mental health

Book cover: The one thing we've never spoken about : exposing our untold mental health crisis

Book cover: Social work : from theory to practice

Book cover: Mental health : a person-centred approach

Book cover: Interprofessional ethics : collaboration in the social, health and human services

Book cover: Lost connections : uncovering the real causes of depression -- and the unexpected solutions

Book cover: Good mourning : honest conversations about grief and loss

Book cover: Minding your mind

Book cover: Writing skills for social workers

Book cover: Tasmanian voices : the family violence epidemic : a handy reference guide that answers questions people may be too uncomfortable (or afraid) to ask

Chasing the scream : the search for the truth about addiction

Book cover: The myth of normal : trauma, illness & healing in a toxic culture

Read this to get smarter : about race, class, gender, disability & more

Book cover: You talk, we die : the battle for Victoria's first safe-injecting facility

Book cover: In the realm of hungry ghosts : close encounters with addiction

Poverty and inequality in Australia

Stolen generations and the way ahead

Book cover: Puff piece

Human rights and social work : towards rights-based practice

Understanding trauma and resilience

See what you made me do : power, control and domestic abuse

Becoming a helper

People skills: 25th anniversary edition

First steps in cognitive behaviour therapy

Motivational interviewing : helping people change

Looking forward through the lifespan : developmental psychology

Our national shame : violence against women

Social work : contexts and practice

Get up Mum

Blame changer : understanding domestic violence

Fixed it : violence and the representation of women in the media

The mindful guide to conflict resolution : how to thoughtfully handle difficult situations, conversations, and personalities

Hey warrior

Trauma trails, recreating song lines: the transgenerational effects of trauma in Indigenous Australia

Book cover: Human rights & social work : towards rights-based practice

Macquarie atlas of Indigenous Australia

Breaking the ice

Buzzed : the straight facts about the most used and abused drugs from alcohol to ecstasy

Addicted? : how addiction affects every one of us and what we can do about it

What happened to you? : conversations on trauma, resilience, and healing

Communication & interpersonal skills in social work

Basic Personal Counselling : a training manual for counsellors

Social work with indigenous communities : a human rights approach



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