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Digilabs: Using our 3D Printers

Guidelines & Cost 

Before you use our 3D printers please make sure you have read the guidelines and cost information. 

About our printers and file requirements 

Our printers are MakerBot Replicator 5th generation and MakerBot Replicator+ 6th generation. Please check with your local TasTAFE library for the exact model and settings available.

All of our printers are FDM printers. We only print using Makerbot brand PLA filament.
Read about PLA filament and FDM in the 'websites' section to the right. 


  • Make sure your file is in .STL or .OBJ format 
  • Print area: L 250mm x W 210mm x H 150mm

Other file types may be possible, please contact us to discuss. 

Definitions and Acronyms 

  • .STL - Stereolithography file format (CAD software packages)

  • .OBJ - 3D image format that can be exported and opened by various 3D editing programs

What to print  

You can use a pre-made design from websites such as Thingiverse and PinShape (see the 'websites' section on the right of this page), simply find a design you like and keep a copy of the URL/link - you'll need to send this to us later! 

You can create your own designs, please keep in mind the requirements above when creating files. Free design websites such as TinkerCAD or 3Dslash are good for people looking to try their hand at designing something. Designs from these sites can be printed by us - please see our disclaimer. 

Submitting a print request

Once you have selected or created something to print please contact your local library using the buttons in the top-right of this page, or come and visit us. 

Your request needs to include: 

  • Full name 
  • Student ID number 
  • What you would like to print - please link to websites such as Thingiverse
  • What colours you would prefer (list at least 3) 
  • When you would like your job to be completed by 
  • Any technical details you can provide
  • Your contact details - preferred email address and phone number

Once we've received your request we will email, call or text you with a quote, confirmation that your request has been received and any follow-up questions. 


Most print requests will be completed within a few days. However, there may be times when the printer is unavailable due to being repaired, experiencing heavy use, or is being used for an event or course delivery. 


Please see the 3D printing Guidelines & Cost page for more information. All payments are to be made at TasTAFE Client Services*. Charges may occur for repeat failed prints at the discretion of Library staff.

*select campuses may have payment facilities available, please enquire. 

Completion & Collection 

Library staff will notify the print requester by email, text message or phone call when the printed object has been completed.

All printed objects must be picked up from the Library within 14 days of notification of completion. Items must be collected by the individual who submitted the print request using a valid ID. Items not collected within this timeframe become the property of TasTAFE Libraries.



TasTAFE Libraries and their staff cannot guarantee model quality or stability, the confidentiality of designs, or specific delivery times.