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Teachers: Copyright

A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.

What copyright means for teachers?

Exceptions under the Copyright Act means that teachers and students can copy more information for educational purposes than they can for any other purpose.  TasTAFE also pays copyright owners under Part VB of the Copyright Act for the use of their material.

There are limits to the amount of material you can copy under these provisions.  If you need to copy more you must get the copyright owners permission.





  • 10% or a chapter from a book, whichever is larger
  • One article from an issue of a magazine or newspaper
  • More than one article  from an issue of a magazine or newspaper if the articles are about the same subject
  • No more than fifteen pages from an anthology – e.g. a short story from a collection


You can copy a reasonable portion from websites.
Similar limits as hardcopy apply:
  • 10% of the words or a chapter
  • one article
The EUS (Electronic Use Scheme) allows you to copy from websites but imposes further requirements:
  • When the text is copied and communicated in electronic form (email, intranet or LMS), it needs to include a EUS Notice.
  • If posted on a website reasonable steps need to be taken to ensure it is password protected.
  • It can only be posted for twelve months or is deemed to have been copied again.

Music & Sound

There are exceptions under the Copyright Act that allow the use of music in the course of education. The people listening/performing the music must be either students or teacher or "directly connected to the place where the instruction is given". Smartcopying 

This exception does not cover Non Educational use of music.  In the case of background music in shared spaces such as libraries, cafeterias, student lounges, restaurants etc TasTAFE purchases the required licences.  If you are holding a one off event such as a graduation a licence will need to be purchased. Please contact your campus library for help.

Think, Link or Embed

Rather than downloading a document to make available to your students, think about providing the link. When you link you are not copying so copyright does not apply.

Want to use a video? Is there an embed code provided? You can use this code to play the video in your PowerPoint or online. Embedding provided code is not copying so copyright does not apply.






You are able to:

  • Play live broadcasts
  • Play/communicate purchased content - DVDs from the library & our online videos
  • Play online TV programs ABC iView, SBS OnDemand etc             

From January 2016 TasTAFE no longer holds a Screenrights Licence.  This means that we can not record TV programs and show them in class. The libraries existing collection of TV recordings are still available for educational use. 

Clickview & SafetyHub contain excellent collections of videos covering a wide variety of teaching areas.  You can also find links to online sources on the Searching Video page.








  • You can copy images or parts of images that accompany or illustrate text.
  • If the image does not accompany or illustrate text you can copy it provided it is not available to buy within 30 days.


  • Unless otherwise stated, images online are copyright.
  • You can make copies under the same rules as hardcopy.