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Teachers: TasTAFE Teacher Support

A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.

Everything you could possibly need to access as a
TasTAFE Teacher in one handy place

Help Desks

Log jobs for

  • Licensing TasTAFE Materials
  • Renewal of Subscriptions
  • Learning and Assessment Resource Purchase Research
  • Campus Library Resource Request
  • Unlock TechStreet Standards
  • Copyright Support

Log jobs for

  • Adding and amending courses
  • Requesting blueprints
  • Using tools - e.g. inboxing students, creating and moderating discussions, using quizzes, etc.
  • How to create pages and content
  • How to use MS Teams in Canvas
  • Using Ensemble Video in Canvas
  • General help
  • Providing feedback to the Education Design team

+ More

Log jobs for

  • IT issues and support
  • Software or app requests

Library Support

Administrative Tools and Resources

Websites - **This page**

Useful Library Subject Guides

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples


English Language Service

Foundation Skills

Training and Assessment

Workplace Health and Safety

Student Support

Staff Support