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A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.

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Library Resources

Finding Library Resources


Use the search box in the top right hand corner of the library pages to find & access library resources..

Everything -  both physical and online things
Library Search - the physical collections
eBooks  - all of our ebooks 
Streaming Video - over 2,500 videos from Clickview & Safety Hub

'View Online Go To' gives you access via your TasTAFE login.

TasTAFE students & staff can borrow from any of our libraries.  Place a hold on the catalogue or contact your library and we can have the items sent to your campus library.


You can request a standard to be open if it is relevant to your course.

Databases & Tools

Our collection of databases can be found on the front page of the library website.

General Onefile and Academic Onefile provide access to general topics while we have a number of more specific subject databases.

The databases provide a number of great tools, you can email or download articles as pdf or MP3, translate articles, or have the database read the text.


Plantfile is an amazing resource that helps you identify plants and pests. It includes over 3,500 plant species and 9,000 cultivars, and is aimed at horticultural workers, landscapers and home gardeners.


Reference Generator is a tool that supports you in the creation of Harvard references for a wide variety of formats.  It covers everything from Twitter to dance.  The tool shows you how a reference should look in your work and creates the reference from information you enter into a form.

Video Collections


You can find and access videos from these collections  through the search box at the top of the library pages.


Clickview provides a large collection of video across many different subjects.  There are a number of tools available in Clickview. You can create playlists, clips and interactive videos where students are asked questions as they watch. 

SafetyHub this is a collection covering safety across many different industries.  The videos offer closed captions in a number of different languages.

Numeracy and learning difficulties : approaches to teaching and assessment

Forever skills : the 12 skills to future proof yourself, your team and your kids

Click on image for information

How to get a good job after 50 : a step-by-step guide to job search success

Hair : an illustrated history

Behind Three Feet of Bar : Cocktails, Lies and Confessions

Click on image for information

Visual communication design : an introduction to design concepts in everyday experience

Construction materials, methods and techniques : building for a sustainable future

Moss : from forest to garden: a guide to the hidden world of moss

Click on image for information

Restoring farm woodlands for wildlife

Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

Havard's nursing guide to drugs

Click on image for information

Engaging with social work : a critical introduction

Click on image for information

What the library can do for you

Technology & Support

The library offers a wide variety of equipment for loan. 

You and your students can borrow laptops for use in the library or your classroom.  You should book if you require class sets.  We also offer a variety of other technology.

We support you and your students with issues such as TasTAFE login, use of wifi and using programs available in the TasTAFE environment.

The DigiLabs offer you access to new technologies such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing and robotics.

Orientation & Research Sessions

Library staff can give your new students an orientation designed for your subject area.  We can include advice on how to use TasTAFE's networks and systems.

We can also develop sessions, with your course content in mind, around finding and evaluating information, researching and referencing.

Contact your local library staff to find out more.

Using the space

We aim to make the library a welcoming, relaxed, safe, inclusive and comfortable space for all of our students and staff.  

The library is a working space.  You are welcome to bring your class or just yourself.

The library is a community space. We run events throughout the year and are happy to facilitate your events.  Food and drink are welcome.  

Your Subject Specialist

Your Study Guides

Your Study Guides are available from the front page of the library website.  These pages are designed to provide a starting point for students studying across TasTAFE.  Each of the guides look at a specific study area and bring together resources from the libraries and across the internet .  We would love to hear your input to these guides. Feedback

Find & purchase resources

Teaching a new course or developing a new unit? 

Your library staff can help you to find new resources from within our collections or elsewhere.  We can create a list of physical and online resources for you.

We would love to hear your suggestions of items to add to the collection.


Your library staff can help you with your copyright questions. 

You also have access to the Introduction to Copyright course on Canvas.  The course provides a quick introduction to copyright in education, information you will need when attributing resources in your Canvas courses and general information dealing with different formats.

You can also find information about copyright on this page and InFOCUS. 

Speak to your local library staff or email us your questions.

Keep you up to date

The library produces Industry News Blogs each month where we aim to keep you informed with news from your industry area, teaching and VET, including new or featured  library resources.

You and your students can subscribe to the Blog from the relevant subject page

Contact your campus library

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