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Who can Print, scan and photocopy

TasTAFE staff and students can print, scan and photocopy at any photocopier/printer at TasTAFE. 


How to Add Credit to your Papercut Account

You need enough credit in your account for your printing to be successful.

You can purchase print credit by talking to Library staff, payment is by card only.
If you are buying a voucher, the voucher has a unique number which you enter into Papercut to redeem your credit.

To add credit to your account using a voucher:
  • If logged into a TasTAFE computer:
    • Your printing balance window is displayed:
      • Click the Details link on the balance window

Printing balance window


From any computer:

       A web page will display
  • You will be asked to login  using your TasTAFE username(e.g. firstname.lastname.00) and password.
  • In the left menu, click Redeem Card.
  • Enter the number from the voucher. Enter it exactly as shown on the voucher including capital letters and any dashes (-).

  • Click Redeem Card. The value of the voucher is immediately added to your printing balance.
  • Click Summary from the left menu and check your balance to confirm the voucher's value has been added to your account.
  • Note:  The voucher is valid for single usage only. Recycle or dispose of the voucher after use.


Printing, Photocopying & Scanning

When you first use your RFID enabled Student ID card on an MFD you will need to authenticate with your TasTAFE user name (e.g. firstname.lastname.00) and password. You will only have to do this once.   

Note: MFDs (Multi Function Devices) are the Printer/Photocopier/Scanners you find in the Library & around the campus.



Print from any printer on Campus

The universal printer drivers allow you to pick up your print job from any of the MFDs on campus.

Choose your destination from:

  • TasTAFE Campbell St Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Hunter St Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Drysdale South Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Clarence Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Claremont Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Bender Drive Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Showgrounds Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Alanvale Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Paterson St Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Inveresk Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Devonport Campus - Students
  • TasTAFE Burnie Campus - Students


Collect your printing

To collect your print  job you will need to unlock it on the machine you wish to print at by either:

  • entering your TasTAFE user name (e.g. firstname.lastname.00) and password


  • by swiping your RFID enabled Student ID card at a card reader installed on the MFD*

‚Äč*2019 student ID cards will be RFID enabled, if you have an existing student ID card you can upgrade by going to Client services and having a new RFID enabled card printed.


Photocopying & Scanning

Login to the MFD by:

  • entering your TasTAFE user name (e.g. firstname.lastname.00) and password 


  • by swiping your RFID enabled Student ID card at a card reader installed on the MFD*

Photocopy your job 



  • Select Scan
  • Select "Print to Me" or enter your email address.


Don't forget to press Log Off, otherwise others can use your credit!



What does it cost?






















$                  0.05

 $               0.05

 $            0.10

 $                0.10



$                  0.10

 $               0.10

 $            0.20

 $                0.20



$                  0.15


 $            0.30




$                  0.30


 $            0.60


Scan to email

No Charge






Lost or Misplaced Student ID Cards

Your RFID enabled Student ID Card logs you into a MFD. If you lose the card other people can use your credit to photocopy.

If you lose your Student ID card talk to Library or Client Services staff and they will  get the card removed from your account.


For further help on using photocopiers and printers please contact Library or Client Services staff.


Further Information

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