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Help: Online Access


Online Resources & Tools For You

As well as access to elearning through systems like Canvas, available here, TasTAFE students are able to use a variety of online resources and tools.  

These include Onedrive, Word & other Office programs in Office 365 and streaming videos & ebooks in the library. 

This page aims to provide you all the information and help you may need to successfully access these resource.

Your TasTAFE student login and email:

Username: firstname.lastname.00
Password: your password


First time Login

The first time you login you will need to reset your password.  You can find instructions below.



Using your TasTAFE Login

Reset your password


To change your password go to MyLogin

and login with Education\firstname.lastname.00 OR

and default (or current) password.

education login


Your new password needs to have at least eight characters (both upper and lower case) and numbers.

You can also email us with a request to change your password. Please include your full name and username (log in) and date of birth.


Office 365


Login using TasTAFE Office 365

First screen 

Second screen -  your password

Office 365 login


Logging In


If the login box looks like this
Department of Education Login

Your login is this

Username:  education\firstname.lastname.00

Password:  Your password






If you are logging in through the Microsoft Office website or putting an app on your phone your login is slightly different.

First screen 

Second screen (as in the Education Login Above)   

Your password

Reasons to use Office 365:

  • You can save your work safely online in Onedrive, access it from anywhere and share it with your classmates and teachers
  • Your TasTAFE email is available through the Outlook app in Office 365.
  • You can access all the traditional Office products like Word in Office 365 and use them in your browser so there is no need to download them. Or if you want to use the tools offline you can download the Office products.
  • Access to Teams.
  • Access to new and developing products.

You can find all sorts of support information including a collection of quick but informative video on our Office 365 page.



If the login box looks like this:

Library Resource Login Box





Your login is this

Password:  Your password



Help with login


The library is here to help if you are having trouble with your login.

You can chat with us - weekdays whenever the chat icon is orange.

You can call us or email - phone number & email addresses here.

You can click on the Ask the library button, fill out the form and we will get back to you.