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Help: Technology for Learning

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is where you will find your TasTAFE Outlook email, OneDrive and some Microsoft apps. To log into all Microsoft tools and apps, use your TasTAFE username in the format and password

  • Outlook - This is your student email. This email account is different from your Canvas Mail; the two are not linked. 
  • OneDrive - This is the cloud where you can save your work. If you use Microsoft 365 apps on a TasTAFE device, your work will be automatically saved here. Please note that you will only have access to your OneDrive while enrolled. Your access will cease at the end of your course
  • Microsoft Apps (Including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams) - You can find and use Microsoft 365 apps online here.
  • Downloading Microsoft 365 - If you would like apps downloaded to your computer, you can download the desktop apps from here. Please see this Using Microsoft 365 guide from the Library to help you get started



Student Email

The Library has created this handy guide on Accessing TasTAFE Email.

Please see library staff if you have any issues.

Please note that your student email account is not linked to your Canvas Inbox.




Using Teams

As a student, you do not have all the features of TEAMS.

You will be unable to:

  • Make phone calls - unable to initiate and take part in direct voice and video calling
  • Use the Chat function - unable to use the direct chat function in Teams
  • Create Team channels - cannot create or add members to Teams
  • Create Teams meetings - Cannot create or invite people to a Teams meeting

You can

  • Access the platform
  • Participate in Team channels - can be invited into existing Teams channels and interact with members of this team
  • Participate in Teams meetings - can be invited into existing Teams meetings created by your teacher and can use audio, video meeting chat, screen share and engage with content shared in the particular Teams meeting space

If you are having difficulty, check out the Microsoft Teams troubleshooting page, or ask your teacher or the Library for assistance. 

You can also check out this handy Cheat Sheet, which offers a great overview of Teams



Using OneDrive

The Library has created this handy guide on Saving Your Work that will help you save to your TasTAFE OneDrive account and make backups of your work



Accessing Student Wifi

TasTAFE provides Wi-Fi service for students on all campuses

You will need to:

  • be currently enrolled at TasTAFE
  • be on TasTAFE premises within range of a router
  • know your TasTAFE username and password
  • have a device that is compatible with the TasTAFE secure Wi-Fi network*

There are two steps to logging into the TasTAFE wifi network. The first step you only need to do again if you change your password

The second step, web authentication, must be logged into each time you come on campus, as you can only be logged into the wifi for 8 hours at a time.

You can find further details on our handy Accessing Wifi guides

Accessing Wifi on your Windows Laptop

Accessing Wifi on your Android phone or Chromebook

Accessing Wifi on your iPad or iPhone

*Please note that some Chromebooks, Android phones, MacBooks and other iOS devices can have difficulties in connecting to the wifi. You may also have difficulties if the virus protection on your device is out of date or has settings turned off.


To access Canvas,  follow the steps on the Accessing Canvas library handout. If you have trouble with your username or password, contact your teacher or the Library for assistance 

For guidance on using Canvas, please see the TasTAFE Canvas Student Guide, or the Canvas Community Student Guide. If you are struggling to navigate Canvas, please see your teacher or drop into one of the Foundation Skills Workshops held throughout the year.

How do I upload my assignment?

You can submit online Assignments in Canvas using several submission types. Not all file types may be available for your assignment, depending on the assignment submission type set by your teacher and your file size. You can find details in the Canvas Student Guide on page 21-24.

For basic Microsoft documents that do not exceed 500MB, you can simply drag your document to the rocket ship or you can click on the rocket ship and find your file.

Once your assignment has appeared under File Name, you can click Submit Assignment.


How do I resubmit an assigment?

You can find details in the Canvas Student Guide on page 25. 

Please contact your teacher if you can't see the Try Again button as indicated in the guide. Library staff are unable to unlock assignments for students. 

How do I upload a video to Canvas?

You can find instructions in the Canvas Student Guide on page 17, or watch the handy video below. 

If any of the steps are missing in your Canvas account, please contact your teacher. 

Student Portal (applying to study at TasTAFE)

If you would like to apply for a course, you will need to do this via the Student Portal

You must use a personal email address to set up and access your account, you cannot use your TasTAFE student email address

You can find instructions and links on the Apply page on the TasTAFE website or use the Applying to Study handout

Please note that library staff cannot reset your password for the Student Portal. Please see Client Central at your closest TasTAFE Campus, or call 1300 655 307 

Cyber security and AI

AI & Staying Safe Online 

Artificial Intelligence is commonly used in our work, personal and educational lives. TasTAFE has put together some guidelines on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for our Learners. 

You can find your responsibilities for using the Internet at TasTAFE on the TasTAFE Website

Some handy tips and tricks for staying safe online can be found on the Department for Education, Children and Young People website