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Enrolled Nursing: Australian Health Care System

Austraiian Health Care System HLTENN001

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Available to Nursing students through Clinicalkey

  • Understanding the Australian health care system, Eileen Willis, 2016
  • Contexts of nursing, John Daly 2017
  • Concepts for Nursing Practice, Jean Foret Giddens, 2016
  • Transitions in nursing: preparing for professional practice, Esther Chang, 2015
  • Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice. Holland, 2008

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Some other relevant Library titles


The Australian Health Care System

Professional Bodies

Regulatory Bodies

AIHW - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The AIHW provides a comprehensive biannual report on the health of Australia and our health care system. 


PHIDU - Public Health Information Development Unit

Offers free online access to a comprehensive range of current (and some historical) data at national, jurisdictional, regional and small area levels for Australia. Socioeconomic and geographical variations in health are highlighted in interactive atlases and graphs, and supported by  metadata.

Australian Bureau of Statistics - ABS

The Australian Health Care System

Understanding the Australian Health Care System

Professional transitions in nursing : a guide to practice in the Australian healthcare system

Nursing Theory

Nursing Theorists and Their Work

An Introduction to Theory and Reasoning in Nursing

Nursing Theory

Nursing History

Nurses in wartime