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Enrolled Nursing: Reflect & Improve

Clinical Key - Communication

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Available to Nursing students through Clinicalkey

  • Evidence-Based Practice Across Health Professions, Hoffman, 2017
  • Leadership and Nursing: Contemporary Perspectives, Daly, 2014
  • Portfolios for Health Professionals, Andre, 2016
  • Clinical Reasoning in the Health Professions, Higgs, 2018
  • Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment, Alfaro-Lefevre, 2016
  • Placement Learning in Medical Nursing, Maxfield, 2012
  • Placement Learning in Mental Health Nursing, Stacey, 2012
  • Placement Learning in Older People Nursing, McGarry 2013
  • Placement Learning in Surgical Nursing, Holland, 2012
  • Strategies, Techniques, & Approaches to Critical Thinking, Castillo, 2017
  • Winnigham's Critical Thinking Cases Nursing, Harding, 2015

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