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Conservation and Ecosystem Management: Bush Regeneration

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Plantfile the ultimate guide to plants
This tool allows you to search over 3,500 plant records, you can search by Family Name, Botanical Name, Common Name, Cultivars/SYN and Plant Overview. Search results provide an image of the plant, plant overview and a plant profile report that you can save. 
Plantfile also provides information on pests, disease and weeds.  Also includes a botanical dictionary.
For help using Plantfile, refer to the Library Handout here: Using Plantfile 

Landcare Tasmania

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Restoring natural areas in Australia

Bringing back the bush : the Bradley method of bush regeneration

Restoring farm woodlands for wildlife

Restoring disturbed landscapes : putting principles into practice

The Wooleen way : renewing an Australian resource

Handbook of ecological restoration. Volume 1. Principles of restoration

Wetland habitats : a practical guide to restoration and management

The Bradley Method of Bush Regeneration

How to Prioritise a Site

How to Control Gazania

Control Methods


First Aid for Burned Bushland

Dispose of Weeds Onsite
Assisting Regeneration Post-Fire

Halo Weeding Technique

How to Control Gorse

Control Methods

Cut and Paint

First Aid for Burned Bushland

Telling the Difference between Natives and Weeds
Assessing priorities for post-fire bush regeneration

How to Handle Chemicals

How to Control Willow

Control Methods

Stem Injection

First Aid for Burned Bushland

Get to know the six main weeding techniques
Minimise disturbance when walking and weeding