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Conservation and Ecosystem Management: Weeds & Diseases *NEW*

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Plantfile the ultimate guide to plants
This tool allows you to search over 3,500 plant records, you can search by Family Name, Botanical Name, Common Name, Cultivars/SYN, Plant Overview.  Search results provide an image of the plant, plant overview and a plant profile report that you can save. 
Plantfile also provides information on pests, disease and weeds.  There is also a botanical dictionary.

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Noxious weeds of Australia

Weeds of the south-east : an identification guide for Australia

Wetland weeds : causes, cures and compromises

Biological control of weeds in Australia

Environmental weeds : a field guide for SE Australia

Weeds : in defense of nature's most unloved plants cover image

Field guide to weeds in Australia cover image


Weed control

Myrtle Rust

Myrtle Rust: The Silent Killer


Phytophthora Hygiene Training


Dogs trained to detect weeds in the Snowy Mountains

Myrtle Rust

Understanding and combatting myrtle rust


Dieback Treatment Video Series


Get to know the six main weeding techniques

Myrtle Rust

Safe Custody for Native Guava


Managing Dieback