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Conservation and Ecosystem Management: Flora

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Plantfile the ultimate guide to plants
This tool allows you to search over 3,500 plant records, you can search by Family Name, Botanical Name, Common Name, Cultivars/SYN, Plant Overview.  Search results provide an image of the plant, plant overview and a plant profile report that you can save. Plantfile also provides information on pests, disease and weeds.  There is also a botanical dictionary.




An excellent free online resource allowing the identification of Australian Eucalypt species

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Living with plants : a guide to revegetation plants for north west Tasmania

Wetland habitats : a practical guide to restoration and management

Tasmania's natural flora cover image

Plant identification terminology : an illustrated glossary cover image

Australian medicinal plants : a complete guide to identification and usage

The book of seeds : a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world cover image

Australian rainforest seeds : a guide to collecting, processing and propagation cover image

A botanist's vocabulary : 1300 terms explained and illustrated cover image

Rare or threatened Australian plants cover image


Using a field guide to identify native trees


Australia's Environment in 2021 - Vegetation


What are the major Australian Biomes?