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Conservation and Ecosystem Management: First Nations Cultural Heritage

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples Library Subject Guide

Three Book Gallery - - **This guide** - **This page**

The Aboriginal Tasmanians

Van Diemen's Land : an Aboriginal history

Tasmanian Aborigines : a history since 1803

Keeping culture : Aboriginal Tasmania

The original Australians : story of the Aboriginal people

The Black War : fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania

The little red yellow black book : an introduction to Indigenous Australia

Bush food : Aboriginal food and herbal medicine

Beyond awakening : the Aboriginal tribes of north west Tasmania : a history

Tayenebe : Tasmanian Aboriginal women's fibre work


The longest river in Tasmania has 3 Aboriginal place names

kutalayna_The place and its people

First Nations Live: Female Cultural Practices


Tas Aboriginal WHA

The Needwonnee Walk

First Nations Live: Traditional Cultural Practices


kani milaythina

rina-mapali, nimina & kalikina: Lola Greeno living legacy
First Nations Live: Our Land - parrawa, parrawa! Go Away!