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The guide to Tasmanian wildlife

Living waters : ecology of animals in swamps, rivers, lakes and dams

Great whales

Field guide to Tasmanian birds

Reptiles & Amphibians of Australia

Australian reptiles & frogs

Pocket field guide to birds of Tasmania

A field guide to the mammals of Australia

A complete guide to reptiles of Australia

The compact Australian bird guide

Field guide to the frogs of Australia

Tracks, scats, and other traces : a field guide to Australian mammals

A field guide to insects in Australia

The complete field guide to butterflies of Australia

Guide to introduced pest animals of Australia

Managing Australia's pest animals : a guide to strategic planning and effective management

Cats in Australia : companion and killer

Community-based control of invasive species

The ferals that ate Australia

Cat wars : the devastating consequences of a cuddly killer


Nest boxes

Part 1: Nest box design

Field Methodology

A guide to Australian bird guides

Invasive Species

Aliens Among Us - The state of Australia's invaders

Diseases of Wildlife

Can we save frogs from a deadly fungus?


Nest boxes

Part 2: Installation

Field Methodology

Using a field guide to identify animal scats

Invasive Species

The threat of invasive species

Diseases of Wildlife

Deadly face cancer takes toll on Tasmanian devil populations


Nest boxes

Nesting Boxes in Australia

Field Methodology

Scat Collection

Invasive Species

Feral deer threaten the TWH Area

Diseases of Wildlife

Introduction to Mange in Wombats