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Plantfile the ultimate guide to plants
This tool allows you to search over 3,500 plant records, you can search by Family Name, Botanical Name, Common Name, Cultivars/SYN, Plant Overview.  Search results provide an image of the plant, plant overview and a plant profile report that you can save. Plantfile also provides information on pests, disease and weeds.  There is also a botanical dictionary.
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How to Use the Microfleur Microwave Flowers Press

Three Book Gallery - - **This guide** - **This page**

Cronin's key guide to Australian wildflowers

FernFlip : life-size guide to the common ferns of Tasmania

Tasmanian wildflowers : a field guide. Volume 1

The orchids of Tasmania

Native trees and shrubs of south-eastern Australia : including addendum of changes and new species

A guide to flowers & plants of Tasmania

Eucaflip : life-size guide to the eucalypts of Tasmania

Tasmanian flowering plants: a field guide

Common orchids of Tasmania

Key guide to Australian trees

A field guide to Tasmanian fungi

A field guide to the fungi of Australia

Name that flower cover image

Field guide to Australian wildflowers : over 1000 common Australian wildflowers cover image

Tasmania's natural flora cover image

Creating a Herbarium

Collecting a specimen

Mounting Plant Specimens

How to mount plants for Herbaria

Plant Identification/Botanical Terms

How to Identify the Plants around You

Creating a Herbarium

How to make a herbarium

Mounting Plant Specimens

Mounting Herbarium Specimens

Plant Identification/Botanical Terms

Flowers 101 - An introduction to identifying plants by their inflorescence

Making a Herbarium

Herbarium at home: A beginners guide

Mounting Plant Specimens

Mounting a Specimen

Plant Identification/Botanical Terms

A Crash Course in Plant Identification