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Teachers: Foundation Skill Services

A collection of resources for TasTAFE teachers.

Foundation Skill Services

Teachers and staff can request foundation skills services for a class, a small group of learners or an individual learner. Teachers can also request a level of service for themselves (see infographic below). Please use the links on the right hand side of this page for more information. If you have a specific situation you’d like to discuss, please email the team at

Relevant Links

Foundation Skill Services Page (found on the TasTAFE Library Website)
  • Foundation Skills Services Intro Video
  • Foundation Skills Services and Workshop information
  • Workshop booking calendar- no referral required to access these sessions but registrations preferred
  • Contact information 
Foundation Skills Services Request Forms 
  • Found on InFocus (Intranet) - Only TasTAFE Staff can access this page
  • Please use this page to fill in the appropriate form for the support your class or student require
Library Foundation Skills Subject Guide
  • Content designed for courses delivered by the Foundations Skills Team but useful links for all Teaching areas
  • Library resources - books, streaming videos, ebooks, catalogue searches
  • Library Handouts
  • Web resources